Yoga Day Celebration

Yoga Day

Share Yoga Candy Free On Yoga Day

The first ever International Yoga Day will be on 21st June 2015. There will be celebrations through the world for this special day.

We in America 20 million yogis will have many options for this day. I will share my Classy Karma Candy for first yoga day. Karma Candy is special candy for yoga flocks. It has Amla (Indian Gooseberry) and spices. My purpose is to introduce Amla to Americans. Yogis in India eat Amla with sugar and spices since ages. It’s a main ingredient in popular tonic Chyawanprass. You better check Wikipedia: Indian Gooseberry

I want to reach 100,000 Americans for this day. I am giving free samples. You join and share this with friends and family. I can’t give it to all so it is limited. You will enjoy Karma Candy and share.

Get your free samples fill the from at the right.

See Wikipedia: Indian Gooseberry

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