Case against candy won (and candy bloggers and consumers loved it)

  Who would have thought a Candy would turn out to be a healthy one? In a remarkable turn of events, arguably one of the strangest in the history of candy A cinnamon, clove, ginger, and pepper four favorite and nutrient spices are in a candy with one wonder fruit Indian Gooseberry.   That very delicious…

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Why Karma Candy is on Mom’s Shopping list (Though she hates candy)

Moms hate candy because of its artificial colors, chemicals, and preservatives. But they do want to give good and clean eating to a family. Karma Candy is first malty spices and fruit candy in American market. Do you want to give candy full of colors and preservatives or full of nutrients? Karma Candy has four spices…

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How candy hater love candy

Candy haters love Karma Candy because they hate candy for artificial colors, chemicals, and preservatives and Karma Candy have none of those ingredients. No haters  You will have lots of fun with this healthier candy. And you also will be regular eater because of it nutrients. It has four spices cinnamon, clove, ginger and pepper…

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Why family can’t ignore candy

As a parent, you may worry about candy, artificial dyes and preservatives. No worries Ease your worries while still maintaining the fun with this healthier candy. And you also will be regular eater because it has nutrients. The candy is Karma Candy It has four spices cinnamon, clove, ginger and pepper plus it has a…

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Yogi’s Guide to Stress-Free Week

Guide PC Front

Karma Valley is yogi’s habitat. A Yogi supposed to be a cool, calm amd compose. Sadly that is not the case so we have a Yogi’s Guide to Stress-Free Week. This is a process driven guide. You will do different activities each day. These are not poses. You will be doing it first time and…

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Yoga Day Celebration

Yoga Day

Share Yoga Candy Free On Yoga Day The first ever International Yoga Day will be on 21st June 2015. There will be celebrations through the world for this special day. We in America 20 million yogis will have many options for this day. I will share my Classy Karma Candy for first yoga day. Karma…

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